Knowledge | Zafar Supari Ki Kahani – Complete Biography With Life Story .

Zafar Supari Ki Kahani – Complete Biography With Life Story (Zafar Supar Ki Zindagi )
Known for flashy gold chains and extravagant lifestyle, Zafar Khan aka Zafar Supari opened up about his life that has become an internet sensation and stirred curiosity among his fans.
Talking to Daily Pakistan exclusively, Supari said: “People know me wherever I go and sometimes I am also surprised about how they know about me,” adding that he had made an account on Facebook only three years ago.
He said that children and youngsters come with their parents to meet him and have a selfie with him, adding, “If I was a goon, why they would call on me?” Hailing from Mohmand Agency, Supari made an astonishing revelation: “I am Hafiz-e-Quran and memorised the holy book at the age of five. I have three children, including a son named Shahzain Khan.
Zafar Supari said that parents usually complain that their children begin to misbehave after meeting him; therefore, “I request all brothers to respect their parents as wealth, education and all these things are useless if their parents are unhappy with them”.
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