General knowledge- The 6 Best Complaint Sites for Pissed Off Consumers

When you have a terrible experience at a restaurant or store, you might not know where to turn. Maybe you even alerted a manager or customer service agent, only to get ignored. As a pissed off consumer, you want to post a review or complaint online.

Online reviews can help warn other customers about an untrustworthy company, and can also help your problem reach a satisfying conclusion. If you want to comment on a business or product, head to these consumer complaint sites.

Pissed Consumer Customer Review Site

PissedConsumer includes a database of business reviews and complaints on a wide variety of topics, companies, products, and services. The Latest Reviews page consists of clear titles and summaries of consumer complaints, as well as positive feedback.

In addition to having written reviews, the complaint website houses plenty of reviews with videos. Clicking on one of its videos will lead you to the Pissed Consumer’s YouTube Channel. You can find reviews accompanied by pictures as well. That said, the site definitely gives you a chance to thoroughly express your opinion about a service or product.

As you search through different reviews, you’ll notice that you can give the review a “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down,” and even leave some comments. If you’re looking for reviews on a specific company, perform a simple search—Pissed Consumer will display the company’s latest complaints along with contact information.

Complaints Board Customer Review Site

As soon as you open Complaints Board, you’ll see a running list of the most recent reviews on the home page. The site covers complaints about all types of businesses and services. Some categories include medical negligence, auto shops, utility services, online stores, restaurants, and much more. In other words, if you have a complaint, this consumer complaints website most likely has a place for it.

On the bottom right side of the page, you can view a list of poorly-rated businesses titled “Stay Away,” along with another list of businesses underneath the “Subjects of Wide Speculation” heading. These lists give you a quick rundown of the businesses with the most negative feedback at the moment.

A list of the top 20 complaints lies at the very bottom of the page. This also comes in handy to find out if other customers have had the same experience as you.

Consumer Affairs Customer Review SIte

ConsumerAffairs focuses on consumer news on a wide range of subjects including warranties, debt settlement, solar power, investing in gold, and much more. The home screen features a list of these categories—clicking on one will lead you to a page with reviews of various different companies.

You can also head to the Trending tab on the top menu bar, and select a category from the dropdown menu to view reviews. The Buyers Guide option is also quite helpful, as it shows you the best businesses in each area.

If you’re a pissed off consumer, all you need to do is click Write a Review in the top right of the screen. From here, you can create a video review

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or write about your experience.

Better Business Bureau Customer Review Site

The Better Business Bureau exists to make sure that businesses fulfill their promises. The organization serves the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Are you a pissed consumer who had a poor experience with a business? Click Leave a Review on the site’s home page. You can then find the business you disliked and rate it. The Better Business Bureau also allows you to file a formal complaint. However, you have to make sure that your complaint meets certain criteria before submitting it.

You can also head to BBB Scam Tracker on the top menu bar. This helps you keep track of potential scams in your area, and lets you report scams as well.

Trust Pilot Customer Review Site

While Trustpilot has a host of great reviews, it has an equally alarming number of product complaints and bad reviews. Trustpilot has dozens of very specific categories—you can find any type of business worth complaining about, from coffee roasters to pizza delivery services and day spas. Clicking on one of these categories lets you view related reviews.

Wonder if AliExpress is legit and safe to buy from? You can find out information about online businesses as well. Each company gets a rating from one to five stars.

If you have a review you’d like to post, simply find the company and click on it. You can then add in your own rating, as well as a written review. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to verify yourself with Google, Facebook, or email before posting it.

Sitejabber Customer Review Site

Sitejabber is the perfect complaint site for anyone who’s had a bad experience with an online shop. Like most sites on this list, Sitejabber also has tons of categories where you can easily find the business you want to review. Each business is also ranked from one to five stars.

If you want to leave a review, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click Write a Review under the Resources heading. You can then add the name of the website, write your review, and even add pictures.

Sitejabber also has some helpful additional content as well. Head to the Consumer Tips section, and you can browse through a number of articles that help you avoid scams when shopping on eBay and other online shops

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Use Consumer Complaint Sites to Express Your Opinion

When you receive poor customer service or a faulty product, it’s only right to warn other shoppers. Otherwise, other customers will inevitably fall into the same scam.

Giving your truthful and honest opinion on a consumer complaint site can also help a business improve its services in the future. By posting a review, you just might get a response from a company that resolves your issue!

While you should be a bit cautious when shopping online, it’s no reason to stop altogether. You’ll need to use extra caution on Amazon, as it’s plagued with tons of fake reviews. Read this article to find out how you can spot fake reviews on Amazon

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, and avoid getting scammed.

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