Icchapyaari Naagin – इचपैयारी नागिन – Episode 165 – 28th December, 2018



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Episode 165:
Prabal’s kidnapper calls Kausalya and demands money for Prabal’s release. Iccha plans to rescue Prabal from his kidnappers.

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About Icchapyaari Naagin:
The show opens in Naagistan, a parallel realm where all the iccha dhaari naags and naagins live. They live, happily & peacefully in their space. As they go about their daily routines, they get the news that the Earthlings have made a show about them! They’re ecstatic! There’s an atmosphere of complete festivity as the Naag log (snake men) get together to watch the show made on them. However, when they watch the show, they’re completely disheartened! They realize that they’re viewed in an extremely bad light on Earth! They’re viewed as negative, vengeful creatures who are only out to hurt Earthlings! The Naag log decides that they must come up with a way to change the Earthlings perceptions about them. While one group feels that the Earthlings must be punished for portraying the Naag log in such a poor light, another believes that perhaps, there might be a more peaceful to go about this. Perhaps one of them needs to go to Earth and change the perceptions of the Earthlings about the Naag log! But who will this person be?

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