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How to Care for Rescued Chicks at Shelter

by Team Complain

Baby Chick Care : It’s Very Important To Take Care For Baby Chicks Properly In Initial Stage If You’re Raising Chicks Basic Tips For Raising Chicks And Proper Care :

1- Keep Chicks Warm : Chicks need to be kept in a warm place until they are fully feathered (32°C – 37°C). 2-Shelter/Home For Chicks : Maintain The Wide & Enough Space For Chicks To Move Freely In Shelter And Keep The Space Clean. 3-Healthy Food For Chicks : Healthy Food Helps Chicks To Grow Fast (Healthy Food For Chicks – Sweet Corn,Spinach,Millets,Bajra,Corns,Tomato,Onion Springs,Water Melon,Dry Fruits And Some Times Rice…Etc) Hope You Enjoy This Video Thanks For Watching ….Please Like The Video And SUBSCRIBE To Our Channel….Thank You

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