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Easy & Simple Vegan Fajitas – Dinner Under 15 Minutes

by Team Complain

Candice teams up with Rose from the Cheap Lazy Vegan channel to bring you two delicious vegan recipes. Candice reveals the hidden secrets behind the much sought after recipe for proper Vegan Fajitas and Rose comes through with a fantastic recipe for Green Curry Pasta. You’ll have to head over to her channel to check that recipe out, but in the meantime get ready to make fajitas with Candice.

Candice’s fajita recipe is not only great tasting but actually takes under 15 minutes to make start to finish and on top of all that is 100% vegan approved as usual. Fajitas have long been known throughout the world as a stellar food, perfect for sharing with guests, and generally fast and easy to put together. Candice’s variation on the classic fajita is of course a meat swap. Instead of using chicken, or beef, or even pork for her fajitas she chooses to rely on mushrooms. Due to the complex flavors and overall meaty texture of mushrooms they are a perfect choice when looking for a meat substitute for just about any dish. Some non-vegans even bolster their meat with ground mushrooms to cut back on fat and add some new elements of flavor. Start this fajitas recipe off by bringing a frying pan with oil in it up to medium temperature and tossing in your chopped onions. As we all know by now Candice is crazy for coconuts so she is frying with coconut oil. You could however use any type of oil you prefer, avocado oil would also be a great fit for this recipe. Fry your onions until they become translucent, which is going to take roughly 3 minutes. Now get your mushrooms and chop them up as well being sure to not go to small with your pieces, these are replacing your meat after all. When you have those all chopped up throw them in with your onions. Add salt and continue cooking these down, stirring frequently, until the mushrooms reach your desired consistency. This should take roughly another 5 minutes. What fajita recipe would be complete without peppers? This fajita recipe is no exception to the pepper rule so chop up some red and green peppers. The amount you will chop is entirely proportionate to the serving size needed. It looks like Candice is using about a half of a red pepper and a half of a green pepper for her recipe. You will put those peppers right into your frying pan along with the onions and mushrooms. At this point it’s time to get your seasonings in order. Candice is using a homemade taco seasoning but any quality taco seasoning would be fine. Also add in some garlic powder, come chili powder, some paprika, and finally some chili flakes. Cover all that with a lid and let it cook for about another 5 minutes. All these seasonings combined with your vegetables are going to yield some impressive fajita flavors when sealed together under the lid at a good temperature. When your vegetables are ready to go it’s time to build your fajitas. Use your choice of tortillas, top with sprouts, some of your fried fajita creation, your choice of vegan cheese, and some hot sauce. Candice is using what appears to be vegan cheddar for this as well as the world famous Hung Foy Sriracha brand hot sauce. That’s all it takes to make fajitas so fast you’ll have your guests thinking you’re some kind of kitchen wizard. Now head on over to Rose’s Cheap Lazy Vegan Channel and check out that Green Curry Pasta. You’ll thank yourself later, after you eat those fajitas of course. As always thank you for watching, feel free to leave comments, suggestions or recipe requests below. Like what you see here? Subscribe to the Edgy Veg YouTube Channel for regular content you can really sink your teeth into: https://www.youtube.com/edgyveg About Candice: I’m The Edgy Veg, a gal on a journey to revolutionize the food we define as “vegan”. Instead of salads days in and day out I choose to re-purpose familiar favorites, by recreating childhood cravings for an audience with sophisticated palettes and food-nerd obsessions with nostalgic fare. Connect with me on the interwebs here:

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